Am I ready to be a parent?

Parenting is a lifelong commitment to a child from pregnancy through birth and for the rest of the child’s life. A child can bring lots of joy into your life, but there will also be hard work. We want you to know you can be a successful parent! We’ll help you.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call, and we’ll help you navigate your pregnancy and approach parenthood with confidence and joy.

Review Your Current Situation

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the financial support I need from my partner, parents, or others?
  • Am I emotionally ready to become a parent?
  • Can I provide a safe and healthy environment for my child?
  • How will parenting affect my job or schooling?

Parenting Is Possible

Even though the idea of parenting seems impossible, you’d be surprised at the many services and resources available to you. Desert Rose Women’s Resource Center and your local community are ready to help you in any way possible. With a great support system, you can achieve anything.

How Desert Rose Women’s Center Can Help

Desert Rose Women’s Resource Center is pro-woman and pro-education. We offer:

  • Online classes for Pregnancy / Childbirth / Parenting
  • Help in overcoming the personal challenges you’re facing
  • Assistance in securing prenatal care – with or without insurance
  • Proof of positive pregnancy test form, if you apply for Medicaid
  • Help and community resources tailored to your particular situation
  • Material support for mother and baby
  • Help to obtain internal skills and emotional security

Every woman deserves respectful treatment as an individual. We meet one-on-one with you to determine your special needs.

Is Parenting The Right Choice For You?

We can guide you with options consultations, but only you know the best path forward. Don’t let fear or a lack of knowledge keep you from making the best choice for yourself and your baby. Schedule an appointment to discuss the many opportunities available to you if you choose to parent.

We’re ready to be your support system.