Are you considering adoption?

If parenting or abortion are not options you would choose, there is a third option — you may want to consider adoption. The prospect of making an adoption plan for your baby may seem to be the most difficult choice, but it is also loving and brave. You are putting the security and well-being of your child first.

Reasons For Choosing Adoption

Here are some reasons women choose adoption:

  • They’re not ready or don’t want to be a mother.
  • Financial and emotional help is unavailable to raise a child.
  • Providing a healthy, safe, and stable environment for a baby isn’t possible.
  • Giving a child opportunities they can’t provide.
  • Receiving financial support during the pregnancy (living expenses, medical bills, clothing, etc.).
  • They’re raising other children.
  • Wanting their child to be raised by two parents.
  • They don’t want to put their plans (education or career) on hold.
  • Creating something positive out of this unplanned pregnancy.

Adoption Plans

There are three adoption plans. How much communication you wish to have with your child and their adoptive family determines the type of plan. As the expectant or birth mother, you choose the best plan for you.

Open Adoption

With an open adoption plan, both parties exchange identifying information and have contact through letters, pictures, phone calls, or visits. This plan answers your child’s questions about his background, ethnicity, and medical history. You have the opportunity to share your reason for choosing adoption.

Closed Adoption

This plan offers total confidentiality. At no time is identifying information exchanged between you and the adoptive couple. You remain completely anonymous and so does the adoptive couple. As the birth mother, you allow an agency to pick the adoptive parents from a list of pre-qualified couples approved to adopt legally.

Semi-Open Adoption

A semi-open plan allows communication between you and the adoptive family through a third party. The two parties exchange letters, cards, and pictures through the adoption agency you’ve chosen. You learn about your child while remaining anonymous.

How To Begin The Process

Adoption begins with your decision to place your baby legally with another family. Adoption is a permanent choice. You have an active role in the adoption process and can choose the best adoption plan for you.

Schedule an appointment with one of our Client Advocates to learn more about this option. We can offer referrals to adoption agencies and other adoption specialists.